Has the church of England lost the plot

Recently I wrote about the Church of England, not thinking of those who had memory problems and dementia etc, and how a Bishop had totally ignored my letter about my nightly nightmares and horrendous dreams etc, but said that I should do more and attend the 8am service

I had  mentioned that I don't really sleep deeply until around 4-5am in the morning, so  I am not with it, hen it comes to going to the  8am service.

In all honesty I am no longer a morning person, as it takes me a while to get my brain into gear.
This comes after years of being on call for breakdowns, 24  hours a day

This 8am service is the old prayer book style, and is much  easier to follow as it's been unchanged for hundreds of years
However I have noticed that we have a priest in charge, who does not accept any critisim what so ever, even if it constructive

He also goes out of his way to find out who is criticising the church, and then confronts them,  usually well away from others

This is not that he wants to discuss it quietly, and see what the comments are, but to force his way on othersThis man is not what I would call a true priest, in fact he is more like a throw back from the middle ages, when priests had the power to have you put to death for standing up to them

So to me this sends out the wrong message and is also intimidating.

He also dislikes the old hymns etc, and prefers the modern hymns, where you sing the same verse over and over again from a screen

Many elderly people along with those with memory problems, love the old hymns etc, as it's part of the or life and history

My wife tried to speak up once about this subject,   and was left by others to pick up the pieces, even though others had supported her prior to this

This also proved that some who attend church can be arrogant and two faced.

Not all are like this, as I am well aware, but there are many who are.

These people had agreed with my wife, and then told her that they would deny anything she said, if it got back to the clergy

To me, this clergyman was rude and arrogant when he came to our home to confront my wife, so much so that I walked out rather than get upset at what was happening

If this is the way clergy treat people, os it any wonder that churches are left empty these days
I for one used to love the Church of England and going to church, but now I will not go near to it at all.

Perhaps it's time that the Bishops took more notice of these things, and sorted themselves out
We are at the end if the day in the 21st century not the 7th

However not all is lost, because I have a book of forms is service for people like us, and I follow it as and when I can. 

This was written solely for people with dementia and memory problems, and it's all that I now need.
But perhaps this us too basic for modern day clergymen


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