Lovely day in Richmond

The other weekend we had a lovely day in Richmond Yorkshire where we went to the market, followed by a walk around the town, and then finished off visiting the castle built in 1071.

We travelled there on a small service bus, from Barnard Castle where we have a static caravan.

The journey takes longer than expected, but you do travel through many small and beautiful villages, and see places that would be missed or never seen if you went there by car.
To be honest it's well worth seeing these lovely villages and the countryside while you are in this area, because it shows Yorkshire as it should be seen.

The market was smaller than we expected, but the people in this area are lovely and friendly.

The castle is owned and run by English Heritage, and we decided to have a look around especially as I had taken my camera.
I never expected to climb the tower, but as it was a good day, I decided to see how far I would get, because I was feeling much better than I had been. However I did reach the top which was a surprise birth to me and my wife.
I realised that I would probably pay for this the next day, because of the effort used to climb the steps but I realised that it may well be my last chance of doing it, so why not throw caution to the wind for once.

Main hall

Looking back at the tower

The view from the top was spectacular and well worth the climb, looking down on the town and market place etc.

Staircase up

Stair way down

Looking down at ground level 

Looking down towards the market place shops and  museum


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