DK books and the memory

Over the years I have loved my photography as it s a relaxing hobby, but over the last few years my memory has destroyed most of my hobbies, because I forget how to do things.

Last week my wife bought me a new Dorling Kindersley book on photography in the hope that it will help me to keep going. 

I was amazed when I looked at it because it was written in such a way, that everything was explained in easy to understand terms, and it helped to trigger some of my memories. 

The book was called Digital photography the complete Course.

Over the years we have bought many of the DK books for our children and now grand children because they are well written, and they generate interest in young minds.

So to get this I have been kicked started back into photography all over again.

 I confess that I know that the bad days come along, nothing is going to help me because I just completely forget what I have just done, so if I have changed the camera settings I am stuffed. 

But it's a step in the right direction.

Since then my wife found another of these DK books called Digital Photography month by month, at a second hand bookshop, and I found this book to be a nice  idea because it shows what can be done each month of the year. This book looked brand new, so either someone bought it and did not like it, or they could have medical problems like me. 

This is a beautiful book and the photographs alone are very inspiring to look at. 

I confess that my COPD  has restricted me at times, but I love being outside and walking, and this hobby keeps me going 

As our static caravan is near to a woodland area I am looking forward to getting out and getting my head back into photography on my good days.

Even when I have to give up this hobby the books will help me with memories and that's a nice thought


  1. How very thoughtful of your wife, Ken. It's certainly given me the idea of searching for suitable DK books that may be of use to help my husband. He has been a great deal worse since he had 2 very difficult extractions at the dentist in December.

    It was the first time anyone other than I had seen his strange behaviour (I was beginning to think the medics thought I was making it all up) But the dentist said he should see the Dr as she thought he having mini stroke
    The Dr said he could see that "he is not his usual self " so we referred to hospital for assessment.

    The Daily Stroke Clinic Consultant, Pyschologist & Consultant at the Movement Disorder Clinic have said they can't rule out Lewy Body Dementia. From all my recent research he certainly seems to fit the pattern. Especially now he has had hallucinations about spiders several times. He finds them cute - not frightening.

    1. Dear Penny
      I confess that this is not an easy illness to cope with, but the photography gives me a reason to fight and try to achieve something positive.

      I struggle with Spiders at times, but I gather it's all part of the illness, trying to work out whether they are real of just hallucinations at times.

      We even had all of the carpets changed to try to stop this happening, but then I saw them on the walls etc, and it becomes very difficult to cope with.

      These spiders are terrifying at times, but my wife try's to help me overcome the fear.
      Over the last year or so I have had balance problems, and have been sent to see another consultant who thinks it's all Parkinson related
      I also struggle with very graphic nightmares, which seem to go on for hours on end.
      If I do wake up I tend to go and sit in a different room in the hope that I can break free of the horrors.
      However it has been known for the nightmares to start all of over again when I go back to bed.

      My wife tried to wake me up in the middle of one nightmare and she became part of it, and ended up with a black eye, which was horrible for me.
      I am mow starting to struggle with my eyesight, and the consultant is looking into it, because he thinks it's all dementia related, and thinks that the brain is just not picking up my sight properly
      This causes me to see people in front of me, but I cannot work out the facial features.
      But as with all things we all have to fight on and hope.
      Best wishes


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