Off for a brain scan

I have been booked in for an EEG brain scan next week, so that they may be able to get to the bottom of my problems.

I as not expecting this for another two months, but whether there has been a cancellation, we do not know.

I guess that this comes from the fact that at one stage I was thought to have had temporal lobe epilepsy. 

Then when I was diagnosed as having Lewy body dementia, I was told that it could not have been epilepsy, so I just do not know who or what to believe 

I also have to get some blood tests done sometime soon, to check if my auto immune system is working properly. 

I confess that I know very little about the auto immune system, so I do not know what it does, or how this could have an effect on my problems.

But at least things seem to be moving properly now and that has to be positive 

This is a very difficult illness to diagnose, as I found out some time ago, when an old friend who had been diagnosed with it ten years ago, has now been rediagnoesd as having memory and thyroid problems.

But I am hoping that this can now all be sorted out now that I am under a consultant at Newcastle.


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