Has the Church if England lost the plot

UI was brought up as a member of the Church of England from the age of 5 in 1952,  and was then in the choir when I was old enough, for over ten years
This was when we had clergy who really wanted to know about their community

At this time our rector used to be on the streets everyday meeting people, and getting to know what was happening in and around the town, and local villiages.

He used to own a car, but preferred to cycle, so that he could stop and speak to all he met, when travelling around the villiages.

Now they work one or two days a week, and are never seen in the street in their dog collars.

But over the last few years I fear that they have lost the plot and have no real idea about life outside.

I fear that the monks in middle age England, were more knowledgable than some of the modern day clergy, and they were more caring.

I say this because most of the regular people are elderly, and these are the people who keep paying towards the churches upkeep.

Yet these people are largely used by the clergy as a way of making money, while their views, problems and illnesses, are largely ignored if they do not fit in with the views of the priest in charge.

Many of these parishioners being elderly, also have memory problems, but here again this is totally  ignored, because the church wants to try to appeal to younger people, yet many of these go once or twice a year if that.

Last Christmas my wife asked me to go to the Christmas service, and I agreed, sadly, but never again.
I was staggered to hear a curate talking about superman and Krypton rather than the bible stories.
Just how superman fits in with the bible, I am left wondering.

So is this how clergy are trained thes days?

Church services and forms of service keep changing, so that the old forms of service hardly ever appear, and this is very confusing to many with memory or brain problems
This is because they remember the old services that they grew up with, not modern day things that are repeated every few moments

So it appears that conventional services have been thrown away, to suite the modern types of service.

Not only this but the churches are always asking for more and more money from the elderly, and then appear to be wasting it, rather than putting it to a good use.

In this day and age there are thousands if people within the UK who need support, and help, yet no one ever seems to mention them, it's as if they do not exist. 

We have thousands of ex military people who are homeless and on the streets at night, begging for money to get food.

That's on top of the other homeless people who are struggling to make ends meet, yet the church is doing very little to support them. 
Yes people like the Mothers Union, and other groups are helping and doing a wonderful job in doing this,  but the church on the whole seems to be ignoring, these people as if they do not exist, a bit like this Tory government.

But I blame the Bishops, people who used to mean something in years gone by, now they sit in the House of Lords etc, and forget about life outside. These people could change things, but do not seem to want to get involved, I guess because many are academics and have no real idea about normal people or the problems they face on a daily basis. 

We are now seeing this mass migration of refugees from Syria, so more money will be needed to feed these extra people in need., but I guess that the church will not get involved. 

I could not believe the fact that our church in our town, is now so ending £11-000 on screens within this very old church, so that everyone can take part in the service. 

I confess that this leaves me wondering how we managed back in the 1967-70s, without all of this technology.

Clergy back then were more thrifty with their funds, and only spent money on things which were desperately needed.

I can understand why churches are now empty, because many people are becoming sick of the way this church is working.

Many like myself have simply given up and will never return again. 


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