Time for the second opinion

On Friday morning  I have to get up very early, because I have to get a bus to travel 8 miles to Newcastle upon Tyne for my second opinion.
This is to see whether I still have Lewy a body Dementia, or whether,  it's Mild Cognitive Impairment as my new consultant has said.

I confess that I cannot understand this, as two prior consultants diagnosed me with Lewy Body Dementia, so I do not understand how things can change. 

Can these two people really be wrong.

This has been a difficult year with this dragging on, but as I was told the other day, there is no guarantee that I will get the answers on Friday.

However after the second opinion has been done,  I have to return home to travel to another hospital,  to the balance clinic, where I will see the Parkinson consultant.

So I would imagine I will be very tired by then, since this is being done in my home town 8 miles from Newcastle.

My wife has told me that the Parkinson consultant, has said that he will take things further if I do not have Lewy Body Dementia, because he is determined to find the answer to my  balance problems. 

All of this has now caused added problems, because we have nothing written down confirming what what I have, so we cannot get travel insurance.

So one way or another I hope that we get a written answer to this, so we can get away for a while.


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