Consultation went better than expected

On Friday we had a second opinion in Newcastle, and even though I left feeling drained and uncertain, I knew that someone was finally looking at my case  from a new prospective, and had decided to try to get it sorted out.

I left feeling as if i had been put through the wringer, because so many questions had been asked, and yet I hardly remembered anything about the appointment.

Then when we got home my wife sat me down, and tried to explain, what had happened, what had been said, and what had been arranged.

I then fell asleep for  over an hour, and then started asking her the questions again.

I confess that I still do not remember most of what was said, but I remember enough to feel happier, than I have been for the last year.
 I think I am driving my wife mad because I am still trying to get my head around this hospital visit.

 But I understand that I am being sent for a new scan, and some eye tests in a nuerological department, because of my vision problems

I also understand that I am having some blood tests done, which will be looked at in a neurology laboratory to see what they can find.

I admit that I was dreading this appointment, simply because I had lost total interest and faith, in the National Health Service after my last appointment at the Dementia hospital, where I had left in a total mess, and in tears.

I guess that this will all take time to get through the tests and scans, but at least I feel more positive by the fact that things are moving in the right direction. 

I understand that we can now book a holiday, and tell the insurance company that I have Mild cognitive Impairment, until we get concrete answers from the scans and tests. 

But this made a lot if sense when it was described properly by this doctor, and I think I understood what he was trying to tell me, unlike the other doctor who simply changed to diagnosis and would not discuss it further. 

Strangely enough, I felt happier leaving with the title MCI, knowing that it could possibly change at a later stage, simply because of the way the appointment was handled. 

It had been handled in a far better way and as my wife said, it was thorough, but it was handled with care and respect. 

What is even better is the fact that I have been told to ignore previous instructions,  to stop giving presentations and talks and getting involved in dementia meetings etc. 

I was told that I have been doing a good job, and should carry on until I am told otherwise. 


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