Research and eyesight problems in neurological illnesses

Many thousands of people are living with Neurological illnesses these days and many of these people struggle with daily eyesight problems, which it seems is a knock on effect of these illnesses.

But this is only the start of the problem, because it seems that there has been very little research into this problem.

This leaves many people out on a limb, because many opticians simply do not understand this problem, and try to find another fix for the problem.

But this can cause extra problems as I found out to my horror. 

I struggle at times with blurred and double vision,and even though I was referred to an eye hospital, the problem was not sorted out. 

I ended up with a prism in my glasses, but only in one side. This caused so many bad headaches, that I stopped wearing them.

It felt as if one eye was straining to look through a jam jar bottom, and after a while I simply gave up.

Every time I went to the hospital I saw a different person with different ideas, so there was no way that this could be sorted out properly.

I later found out that it was the brain causing the problems and not the eyes.

It's the brain failing to pick up the correct signals from the eyes, or its getting the information all wrong.

So why is it that opticians say they know all about dementia etc, but do not recognise the problems caused by the brain, 

The problem is that many eye problems are intermittent, so as far as these people are concerned, if it's not there in the day of your appointment, your problem does not exist, or its your imagination playing tricks 

How many people like me have these same problems, or have problems judging distances or traffic speed.

 People also miss a door way and walk into the door or frame because of these signals being picked up properly

I have walked off the pavement at times because I misjudged the kerb, 

 So to me we need to have more research into this complex problem, because the brain is a very complex part of the body

But to do this research properly the research people need to involve those with a neurological illness and not simply ignore  the fact that we know what our problems are.

So let us hope that before long, someone gets some research projects going looking into our problems 


  1. Totally agree; Like everything thing else, these symptoms fluctuate so are very difficult to pin down.


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I always say that we may have this illness, but we are all so different.

This is my own daily problems, but I would gladly share anyone elses, if they send them in,

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