After the election

Well this election is over and it looks as if the Conservatives are in power.

This makes us all wonder what will happen to the National Health Service, as the conservatives are trying to sell it off, to all and sundry, irrespective of what anyone else thinks.

Many family doctors are upset at the way Cameron has forced his ideas onto them, and has caused more upset than anyone wants

When a man says he wants to see people diagnosed as having dementia within 6 weeks, you have to ask questions, how can you be diagnosed in that time, when it takes 6 weeks to get an appointment at any hospital in the first place. 

I do feel that this prime minister has used dementia for his own needs to deflect from problems in the country and that is very sad. Abuse of people with dementia is now worse than ever before, yet he will not go down the route of passing laws to make this against the law.

We will just have to wait and see what happens in the future, but like many others I am not holding my breath, because I never trusted any leader who looks down his nose when talking to other people.


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