Hospital visit

Today I needed to go into hospital as an out patient, to prepare for next months hip injection, and it was a visit that amazed me from start to finish.
We were not sure whether I could go today as I have been struggling with a long chest infection, and even though the antibiotics and steroids finish today I was still feeling very rough after a long night and was very breathless. But they said that it would be fine.

Once we had got there and registered, we sat down and made sure that our mobile phones were turned off as instructed. There are signs all over the walls telling people not to use mobile phones and to turn them off, so that they do not cause problems or distractions with other patients. 

But it's amazing just how many people completely ignore this and carry on texting etc.

I then went to get weighed and measured, before we went into a room to discuss any illnesses that we may have, like my Lewy body dementia. What's that the nurse asked? My wife explained it all to her, and went through my medication, even though then next visit is for the day ward, where it will be completed next month.

The nurse then took my blood pressure and got slightly agitated because I have a tremour in my right arm. 
After this was explained she decided to hold it tight onto the desk top, because she said any movement would cause the machine to play up. 

I confess that I had never heard of this before, but I know that I am not the only person with a tremour due to parkinsons etc, but it's never been explained before.

Then going back to my Lewy body dementia, she asked if I needed a named nurse to keep an eye on me while I was at the day ward. I sad no because I always try to do as I am told, but if I need anything I would ask. As long as I have my walking stick I am fine. 

I think that this lady was at a loss to know how to cope with my predicament, but as I said at the time, I try to remain independant while I can. 

I should not complain as the staff were wonderful today, even if they look at you a little odd when you tell them that you have an illness like LEWY Body Dementia. 


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