Not been writing lately

I have not written anything on this blog for some time, but this was for various reasons.

I have been struggling to think of things of things to write, and to find the right words, along with problems with my eyesight.

During this time I have been posting news items which may be of interest to others, but that's as far as I managed to get over the last two months.

I have been close, to closing the blog down but have been advised to keep it going until things clear slightly.


  1. Hi Ken, it sounds you're really having a hard time in keeping up with everything these days.. I feel selfish but I do hope you'll stay with us in the blogosphere for a long time to come. I've missed your daily writing but nevertheless I've appreciated the streaming of recent news.
    I wish you all the best and send along a huge virtual hug of support. xoxo Eloisa

  2. Hi Eloisa
    I am having a few days rest before going to London on Monday for two days. After this I will try to give it a go again
    Thank you for you kind remarks, it means so much getting comments like this.
    Very best wishes

  3. Hello Ken
    I can understand that you may decide to not write anymore on your blog. But PLEASE whatever you decide Please do not close your Blog. Do leave it online after writing a brief goodbye.
    It has so much information and value that future readers will find it a great help.
    I wish you well.
    I am particularly interested in your writings as my husband is being tested for Lewy Body Dementia. So much of your writing is same as his experiences. He has taken some comfort from feeling that it is not all his imagination that all is not right in his brain. I read out to him the symptoms you have experienced that he has told me happens to him. Thank you

  4. Ken, agree with Eloisa. Please try to keep blogging as long as possible. YOU know how beneficial it is for your own health, and we are trying to make others aware for value in lived experiences of PWD. Also, please PLEASE make sure your blog is still available even after you are no longer able to add to it.


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I always say that we may have this illness, but we are all so different.

This is my own daily problems, but I would gladly share anyone elses, if they send them in,

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