Much better day

Today is a better day all round and I feel more like my old self again. It's been a long and very tiring week, which seemed endless, but I am more in control today.

I had a night from hell last night with a nightmare which kept starting all over again, and went on for hours even though I got up for a break.
I caught a set of drawers at one stage when I lashed out, but nothing was broken.

At least this time I was facing the other way due to my sore hip, so I did not hit my wife during this. Last time I did this she ended up with a black eye, and I was very upset.

In the end I was pleased to get up at breakfast time.
 I don't know what causes these things, but my old consultant has left and we ended up with someone who says that everyone has these things. But I do wonder if she understands this illness, or if she thinks it's my imagination, something I know it's not.

 This also left me wondering just how much training some of these people get.

 But life moves on and at least I am still able to walk and talk so I have to be grateful for this


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