Winding down for Christmas

We have achieved a lot this year, and although we have done less that other years, but  I think we have got through quite a lot of work on the dementia front.

We travelled around 12 Lloyds bank branches talking to staff, in the hope that they would become Dementia Friends and this was successful and well accepted.

We have also done quite a few sessions with Graduate nurses in Northumbria University talking about treating people with dementia and memory problems with dignity and respect.

This is along with many other conferences and meetings where we have talked about illnesses around memory problems, like the Samaritans, who deal with many calls from people struggling to deal with the diagnosis of dementia.

 It always amazes me how many people come up to us in the street, and say that their father or mother experienced similar problems, but they had no idea of what was going on, and thanking us for our talks, and trying to explain things in laymans terms rather than medical jargon

I have met many new friends including many of my Twitter family, and that was amazing to meet people face to face for once, a wonderful experience.

Now I am tired and winding down for Christmas so that we can spend more time at home with our family.

Thank you to all who have contacted me through out the year, and also those who have helped me.


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