What a change in attitude

Yesterday I went back to be seen by the hip consultant, something I was dreading after the last performance, but this time we got a pleasant surprise as we were seen by the consultant, rather than his registrar and he had a totally different way of treating patients.

He was so caring and took the time to investigate the problems in my hip and knee with myself and a trainee,  after which I had another X-ray, and was told that he would arrange for me to have a steroid injection in the hip, which may help and cut out all of the discomfort.

I was amazed at the difference of attitudes in doctors, when one could be so arrogant and rude, where the other was so polite and helpful.

I now have to wait for around 12 weeks for this to be arranged, but he also told us to speak to our doctor about stronger pain killers, which would be better than shop bought ones.

He even gave my wife the names of the tablets, and took the time to talk to her

This proved that not all doctors think that they are gods and should be treated as such.
Faith in the health service has been restored


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