Depression in Dementia

When some people go through the diagnosis procedure, they sometimes get labeled as stressed or even worse depressed, something which annoys many.
Yet do these same doctors really understand dementia in the first place., or look at the reason why we many feel depressed 
Many people talk openly about depression in dementia, yet there are many people who have the illness, who would never dare admit to being depressed to doctors,  as many doctors would simply try to put them on anti depressants without a second thought.
So why do we get depressed in the first place, and how many people get so depressed that they simply want trend it all

Dementia is an illness that no one wants, as it has too much Baggage attached to it like the horrible stigma
Dementia is an illness which up to now has no cure

Many of us have lost friends after the diagnosis, because they simply do not like anything to do with it.

Some people think that the illness is contagious

Many lose their jobs through the diagnosis.

Many simply do not get the required information when they are diagnosed, and are left to find everything out for themselves.
This can have the knock on effect in that our symptoms and problems, do not always match what we read on the internet, but this is because there are so many variations of this illness, no two people have the same problems and symptoms.

Many lose control over their daily lives, including hobbies and past times, and are sometimes excluded from local clubs

Many assume that we will no longer be able to take an active part in life, 

Some people live alone, without the support of family, and in some cases friends, and this must be devastating to cope with

Some families break up when a member has been diagnosed, simply because they cannot handle the diagnosis or the stigma

Each day is a trial to see if you can still do the things you may have done for years, but when you cannot do these things you naturally feel terrible
Many simply do not and can not carry on because they have lost control
Many remember a face of a person they have known for years, yet they simply cannot remember the name and this is embarrassing.

We must not forget our carers, who see the person they perhaps married years ago changing in front of their eyes, to someone it's difficult to recognise

Professions are always trying to undermine us, or in some cases shoot holes in our diagnosis.
You misunderstand peoples intentions 

Many feel worthless or useless when things go wrong, especially if there is no one there to support us at the time.
We lose the ability to understand things in newspapers or get it all wrong, we do not always see the obvious even when it's under our eyes

We sometimes come out with the wrong words, or wrong answers to questions, and that makes us feel terrible

We sometimes misunderstand what people are saying to us, and sometimes assume that they are getting at us.

People sometimes ask our partners wives of husbands how we are, when we are in fact standing next to the person.
Why do they not ask us instead.

If we are given an early and timely diagnosis, and are then given the correct information, help and sport we can move on, accept the illness and start a new life living well with dementia.


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