Can you believe it

Two months ago I was assessed at home by an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist, after which they decided to do some alterations at home.
This included fitting a second handrail on the stairs, giving me a newer walking stick, plus one or two other things, including physiotherapy sessions, at home.

We took delivery of the equipment and the builder fitted the handrail, then the following week a physiotherapist assistant came out and went through all of the exercises with  me while my wife looked on.

I then had extra exercises when I saw a physiotherapist at the hospital two weeks ago, and all was well, or at least seemed to be.

On Friday we came back from London, after we had taken the grand children back home, and found that there was a telephone call from the physiotherapists assistant, asking if all of the equipment had arrived as ordered,

I guess the alarm bells should have rung at this point, but my wife and I were extremely tired, and it was too late to return the call.

This morning my wife rang up to speak to the person concerned, and she was told that I should not have used the walking stick without it being checked, and should not have had a shower until the assistant had gone through the procedures with me?

My wife explained that this had never ever been said, and I would never have a strip wash as I always insisted on having a shower, first thing in the morning.

I have been paranoid about being dirty ever since my diagnosis, and as my wife said, how do you do a strip wash when you cannot bend down, because of my hip and knee.

It turns out now that they should have supplied a shower stool, so that I could sit down to wash my legs and feet, but we are still waiting.

I had thought that things were going well until today, now it am getting confused at the whole thing, because no one seems to know what they are doing anymore.

I have an appointment at the hospital of Friday with a young physiotherapist, so if nothing happens before that, we can ask her for her opinion.

I told my wife that the stick was already assembled when it arrived, and I set it to the same size as the aluminium hospital stick which I have at home. So if it needed checking surely that should have been done before it left the NHS delivery point. 

I was told that I could not use the  hospital stick supplied  as no one had checked it 
So unless my legs are longer or shorter that they were when I got the hospital stick, I simply do not understand what all of the fuss is about today.
Perhaps we will get an answer very soon.

Is this why the NHS has problems these days, when even one department cannot get things right


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