Why are people so rude

I was on a South West train going from Farnborough to London when I over heard a conversation between two well dressed city people.
One of them a lady said that she was always getting a parking ticket for being late back to the car park, because the parking limits were too short, and she really needed more time with her friends.
Her friend a gentleman, I used that term loosely, said that he had done that three times, but in the third day, he had told the parking warden that he had early onset dementia and had forgotten where his car was parked. 
Guess what,  he got off. He told this lady to use this excuse, because if it worked for him once so he was going to do it again.
My wife was not sitting next to me that day otherwise I guess, these two would have had a mouthful from her.
I was very upset and could not believe that anyone could be so evil as to think of something like that.
Many people with this illness, would probably get a parking ticket for being late, even though they have a good reason. But I cannot accept others using this illness as an excuse, when they have no real idea what it's like, or what it's like to live with.
If I had, been switched on that day I would have taken their photographs and reported them, but I was so disgusted that I sat there and stewed about it. 
When the train arrived in Waterloo they were off very fast and disappeared, before I could say anything. 

Perhaps it was good that I did not confront them because I was so livid. 


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