Time to generate more services for people with dementia

In the past we had a very large local branch at the Alzheimer's Society, and had lots of services not just for those with the illness but also for carers, who need as much help and support as we do.

Since the society and other charities were reorganised, services were cut back, something I thought was very sad.

Yes perhaps savings needed to be made, but not at the expense of those with this illness

These days we are seeing more and more dementia cafe's  along with services like singing for the brain, but the other services like the discussion groups seem to have disappeared.

While these may be good, for some people I do feel that we need to be looking at generating new services, to help those who have no interest in singing.

I spent 10 years in a church choir and enjoyed it, but these days I don't enjoy singing so much, so I have no intention of going down that route.

I do think that there is a lot to be said about discussion groups, for people with the illness, as we got so much pleasure from being involved, and you always looked forward to the next group session
These discussion groups used to generate a lot of interest, as we had a different topic each week, for local history, to hobbies and past times people used to enjoy.

Some local groups have art classes which is brilliant, because there are many people who have dementia, and want to learn to paint, but these services are few and far between.

We must remember that we are all different with different problems and symptoms, so no one topic suites everyone.

Let us hope that in the future we get more good quality services provided for people with dementia, because like it or not, Is no good getting and early diagnosis, if you are then left trying to find your way through a very short supply of good services for people with dementia.


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