Network of Newcastle dementia researchers receives charity funding boost

Network of Newcastle dementia researchers receives charity funding boost

Alzheimer’s Research UK has increased its investment in its Newcastle Network Centre, which supports dementia scientists

Sue Armitage welcomes funding for Newcastle pioneering research into dementia
Dementia research in the North East has been given a huge funding boost to help develop pioneering studies into the condition.
Alzheimer’s Research UK has increased its investment in its Newcastle Network Centre by £70,000 to support dementia scientists in the city.
More than 40 researchers will benefit from the cash injection over two years, with continued support pledged for the coming years. The investment is part of the charity’s £100m Defeat Dementia fundraising campaign, announced earlier this year by Prime Minister David Cameron.
Raj Kalaria, a professor of neuropathology at Newcastle University and co-ordinator of the Newcastle Network Centre, said: “The Newcastle Network Centre is an incredibly important resource for dementia researchers in the city, which has a long history of dementia research and being unique in its ability to link dementia scientists not just within the university but around the country.
“Our researchers are focussing on a wide range of projects; we have a strong background in dementia with Lewy bodies research but we have also built a large brain bank that allows our researchers to study brain changes in a number of conditions that cause dementia.
“The Network enables scientists working in many different areas of research to come together, share experiences and successes, and work together on innovative new projects.
“The great benefit of the Alzheimer’s Research UK Research Network is that it allows scientists to place their findings in the wider context of dementia research, and draw on other people’s expertise to make the journey from interesting idea to patient benefit that much easier.”
The leading dementia research charity has announced increased investment in a Network across the UK, bringing scientists together to tackle the devastating disease.
Alzheimer’s Research UK will support 15 Network Centres of scientific excellence across the country.
Almost 34,000 people in the North East have dementia and the Alzheimer’s Research UK Research Network has been building since 1998 with the aim to tackle this problem, supporting scientists to ultimately find a cure for the condition.
Newcastle was one of the original founding Network members and this increased funding will allow the teams in the area to pursue new ideas through equipment grants and support for small innovative projects.
Dr Eric Karran, director of Research at Alzheimer’s Research UK, said: “We will not find a cure for dementia by working in isolation. Investment in our Research Network is essential to bring scientists together to share ideas and resources.
“Supporting grass-roots research is crucial to lay strong foundations for larger studies and we are pleased to be able to invest in people and ideas that could provide the breakthrough moments we are all desperate for.
“Alzheimer’s Research UK is leading the way in terms of investment in research, but it is also crucial that we foster collaborations – locally, nationally and internationally.
“The Research Network will unite researchers across the UK in tackling dementia from different angles, in order to meet our aim to defeat dementia sooner.”

Case Study

Sue Armitage lost her mum to vascular dementia two years ago after a decade-long struggle with the disease.
Today she said she welcomed the funding boost given for dementia research in the region.
“Mum used to love reading, knitting and going to bingo, but as dementia crept on all those pleasures were lost to her,” said Ms Armitage.
“Eventually she needed help with washing, dressing, and eating, and dad took a huge strain caring for her 24 hours a day.
“Dementia stole my mother from me and my family, and it broke our hearts to watch her being taken away from us. It really opened my eyes to the need for dementia research and I would love to see new treatments that could stop others going through the same thing.
“New funding for dementia research is always welcome, and it’s great to see this money being made available for dementia experts here in Newcastle.”
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