Memory is a wonderful thing

Memory is a wonderful thing when it works well, but when you have a neurological  illness it causes all kinds of stress.

There are times when if feels embarrassing as you totally forget things which have just happened, or visits from friends and relatives, yet things from years gone by can sometimes come back easily.

The other day I was struggling to remember when I had seen my grandchildren last, but it was only last week, and that hit me very hard, because it felt like months ago.

I can look back at school days, scouts, hiking climbing etc and early days at work, yet the last few years are difficult to get my head round. 

If I am giving a talk, I need to write it down in advance, and these days it needs to be in larger letters so that I can see and follow it, yet sometimes I forget where I have got to unless I keep my finger in the line I am reading. 

You never appreciate your memory or anything else until it starts to disappear, by which time it's too late.


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