Drink related hospital emergency treatment

In this day and age when the health service is over worked and struggling to cope, more and more people are complaining of the accident and emergency departments in hospitals filling up with people who are drunk. 

These people are usually very abusive towards hospital staff and other patients, and now many are saying that these people should be made to pay for their treatment, as it's self inflicted, and generally upsets others waiting for treatment.

Years ago they would have been put into a police cell for the night, and would then have been charged to appear in front of a court, but that's all been stopped, so now we see hospital accident and emergency departments having to cope with them.

Surely if they are made to pay for their treatment it will make them think about doing it again. If they need an ambulance to get to hospital they should be billed for this too, because it takes an ambulance away from someone who may be seriously ill and in need of emergency treatment.

Let us hope that someone in the NHS management system gets so common sense and loos at this properly, because they need to save money and I do not think they should be wasting money and resources on people who get drunk every weekend, nor should staff have to put up with this abuse.
I think that's it's very wrong people going out getting drunk and then expecting the state to pick up the bill.


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