Bureaucracy gone mad

The other days we went for a pleasant walk around the riverside park where we live in County Durham, the idea being to feed the ducks with bread we had left.

All went well until two over zealous council wardens appeared, and told us to stop feeding the swans with bread. 

We told them that we were feeding the ducks and not the swans, but these two clowns refused to listen, and then went on to say the the environment agency said it is bad for water quality when bread is fed to swans etc. in their words bread contaminates the water, something I know is total rubbish, 

I said the people had done this for years, and if it were so bad why were there no sighs up telling people that, at which he got even more stroppy towards us.

I think the real reason was that before talking to us thy had spoken to a fishermen in the river, who was possibly complaining about people feeding the birds, as this was disturbing his fishing, even though we were over 100 yards away from him. 
It's a well, known fact that some fishermen use bread as bait, so are people being stopped from feeding these wild birds, just to protect one or two fishermen.

The odd thing was that these two officials did not walk past us towards other people doing exactly the same thing, feeding the birds.

I have spoken to a biologist since then and was told that this information was told rubbish, as bread is not contaminating the water. 

These two also said that the riverside cafe sold wild bird food which could be bought, but who many people come down when this is open. 

Having contact the environment agency about this I was told that, this had not come from them. Yes there are guide lines, but bread does not contaminate the rivers as these two people tried to say. As well as that they kept talking about birds being caught up on hooks, since when have people fed birds bread with hooks in?

Is this what the council spend our money on these days.

I have written to the council but never got a reply. 

Like many other people who are ill and children etc I love walking round the rivers and have always loved this area since we moved here in 1953, so why does this or any other council try to spoilt our lives, when they cannot control things themselves, 

This used to be a lovely park which would be visited by thousands each weekend, now it's ind destroyed by long grass and horses galloping through in weekend frightening dogs and children, 

It strikes me that durham county council has lost the plot these days


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