Better night

I had a better night last night, because I was put on some different medication to help me sleep.

Although it was just the first night, I am still feeling tired, but I will be interested to see if thus really works. 

This is a small disease at present, because people with Lewy body dementia, have a reaction to to some medical treatments, but if this seems to work it can be increased in a couple of months.

I have had trouble before with certain medications, but it seems that I am sensitive to some medical treatments because of the Lewy body dementia, so it's a case of wait and see what happens now.

Next week I am also off to see my doctor about problems with my right leg and walking. 
I have been struggling with pains in my right hip, knee and ankle joints, and it feels as if my leg is twisted and out of line. 

I understand part of this could be gait, and also osteoarthritis, so I await the results.  

I know I had osteoarthritis in the hip, so whether this has now spread down to other joints in my leg I don't know.

Still I am getting around much better since using my walking stick, which also helps my balance, so life goes on. My only concern is that I occassionally drag one foot, which causes me to fall, but this does not happen too much


  1. Ken, wondered how the new med was working for sleep. With probable LBD my sleep has sure been messed up too. Last night I got close to 6hours, but my average has probably been 4hours sleep per night in the past week -- not long enough to properly renew my brain cells. growl snarl at Lewy Body! -- Truthful L. Kindness

  2. Its been pretty hit and miss over the last few nights. I have had one good nights sleep, and the rest were peaceful if nothing else.
    I feel a little more relaxed on a morning when I wake up, and don't seem to be having any nasty problems during the night, or nothing I can remember later, so I am feeling more positive. I am still on the lower dose of medication at present, but this can be stepped up after I am used to it. I suppose at present I am getting a good 4 fours sleep, and just cat napping after that, but its better than before. I just have to be patient.



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