Providing the correct services for people with dementia

Dementia is a horrible illness which affects not only those who have the illness, but also our families and friends if we are lucky enough to have any.

When we are diagnosed we are encouraged to stay as active as we can, but that us not as easy as it looks.

Many people enjoy an active life and many enjoy hobbies that are not easy to carry on with.

I lost many hobbies because they were considered to be too dangerous to carry on with.

Like many people with this illness, I would love to try new hobbies such as painting, but when you struggle you your memory, it's not as easy as it looks, because you need to remember how to mix the colours in art, and this is something which stumps me every time.

There are many art classes for our carers, but very few for those with the illness, and I assume this is because people don't think we are capable of painting.

This is just one instance of hobbies we may need help and advise with. So if you know anyone who has this illness, see if you can help them to stay active by enjoying their hobbies and past times.


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