Myths about dementia

IThere are many myths in dementia, some of which are down to total lack of education and understanding of the illness, but this is not just caused by the general public, but many working in the front line services, Governments and leading charities are just as bad.

Sadly until this is all stopped, the stigms and myths will carry on regardless.

Alzheimers is contagious?
This could be because it's called Alzheimer's Disease so people automatically think that it's contagious.

People with this illness are unable to get involved with any meeting conference or project
This is the most patronising thing I have ever heard, simply because these people are looking at the illness and not the person in front of them.

People with Alzheimers and a Dementia, don't always speak at events but their actions speak volumns, a shake of the head or a nod in agreement. A thumbs up, smile etc all act as part of this persons vocabulary, if people cannot take this on board then they should never ever be employed by a dementia charity, or work in social services.

Dementia is an age related or is a natural part of ageing

So what about the thousands of people under the age of 65. This myth is kept going by all of the picture we see these days at dementia conferences etc which are of old people.
Yes there are many people over 65, but we are now seeing and hearing of more and more people under the age of 65 these days so we must take this on board and move on.

People are being diagnosed at an earlier age these days, yet we never hear much about these cases unless you have access to the internet.

However the internet websites are not always up to date so some of the information is either out of date or in some cases wrong


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