Dementia in war torn Countries

At this time my thoughts are with all those in war torn countries especially those who have dementia no matter which type it is.

Life with this illness is stressful at times without living in countries which are being torn apart by, by struggles of one kind or another.

Services for most people will be cut, or restricted, but I guess that when it comes to people living with this illness their services if any at all will be none existent.  

Its not just the services which can cause problems , but stressful situations like riots, or any kind of aggression can make life miserable.

I guess that any person with dementia 's rights will be none existent in many cases, simply because many countries hide their cases of dementia or keep it with in the family, so that the services cannot get to them and give the support they desperately need to get on with their lives.

So at this time let us all think of these people at this time, and hope that things get sorted out for all concerned


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