Changes dementia brings

When you are living a fast and energetic life as I was I never expected something like this illness to come and pull the rug from beneath my feet.

Before this illness started I was a University College Engineer, spending most of my time dealing with breakdowns of the electrical systems and mechanical plant. It was a busy life working all hours and being on call 24 hours a day for whatever life threw at me.

I was never bothered about working at heights, and for some reason I do not understand, I enjoyed it.

Since then my son who is also an Electrical Engineer, has told me on numerous occasions, I would spend time working on live electrical systems something which has now been banned for obvious reasons, but it was my job and I just got on with it.

My boss always said that when the chips were down, I stepped up a gear and thrived on stressful situations.

These days I cannot remember much about my job, and cannot be relied on to fit a 13 amp plug top safely. This has come as quite a shock as I once rewired our college chapel, something I was thrilled to do, so to forget so much of my job has been hard to accept.

Heights are something I can no longer cope with, and on odd days standing at the top of an empty staircase fills me with total fear. If we are out anywhere my wife, she has to go downstairs in front of me, and I follow her closely.

At home on my own I come down stairs hanging on to the handrail and the opposite wall never looking down at any stage.

 I used to have very good eyesight but now this has gone, and at times struggle with either blurred or double vision, something which has brought in extra hazards along with my balance which is getting much worse

The eyesight problems it seems are related to the Brain it seems, as the brain is not detecting what my eyes are seeing on occasions.

To make things even more interesting my hearing is also going from bad to acute at times. 

However this is one of the things about this illness, which destroys everything in its path as it progresses.


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