Lloyds Bank Staff and Dementia

Its amazing just how helpful our bank has become as far as dementia is concerned these days.

We have always had wonderful staff at our Branch of Lloyds Bank, and they have become more like family members in many cases.

We never said that I had Lewy Body Dementia, apart from a conversation with one member of staff whose Mum has Alzheimer's. My wife spoke to her one day, about her Mums problems and she spoke about my problems.

We then heard that another member of the staff had a husband, who has Parkinson's Disease, and she became a good friend to us too.

My wife has been asked to go in to do some dementia training at this Branch, and also do some at another local branch later on, which is brilliant.

They also want us to do a display about dementia at the branch, and have a chat with anyone who has problems. They are going to give us facilities to use if needed.

This is all down to a lovely manager, who wants to help all who have neurological illness, so that's just what we want these days.

We always go into the bank together, but occasionally I go in on my own, and when that happens the staff on duty behind the tills, always ask if I am alright, and need extra support with anything.

They also engage me on other topics which helps put me at ease, if I needed it.

This is something I would never get in any other situations these days, as everyone is so engrossed in their work, and on top of that things move so fast that I find it hard to keep up in I can do that.

All I can say is thank you so much Lloyds Bank

Their staff members have made a frightening experience, into a fully supported task

These people have all done Dementia Friends Training and the manager is arranging for other branches to have the same training which is wonderful news.

The next step is to ensure all bank staff in our area get the same training, something whch will be a vast step forward for those who struggle with Dementia


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