Dementia and eysight problems

Some time ago I did an item on eyesight problems in dementia, and was staggered by the response.

However after talking to experts last week, it appears that any organ can fail once the brain starts to go.

That can take it hearing, seeing, sense of smell, being able to pick up pain properly and decide how bad it is  etc and so the list goes on.

I have had my eyes tested over a period of time, and bought new glasses, which are fine some days, and other days my eyesight is rubbish, which all points to the brain not picking up properly what I am looking at.

I think that the brain is wonderful when it is working but can cause a lot of distress and destruction when it starts to fail.

Its all down to the signals it picks up and how it deciphers them. If only it was that easy to understand to the lay man like me.


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