Good nights sleep

All of the time I have been on antibiotics I have not slept very well, and some nights I was down to 2-3 hours sleep a night, if that.

Other times I was trying to power nap during the day, which is helpful at times, but can also stop you getting a good nights sleep

A few months ago I was given medication by the consultant, which was to help me sleep, and also stop the horrible nightmares etc, but I stopped taking this while I was on the antibiotics, but this was because I have lost faith in our doctors and don't know whether they check the medication like the antibiotics etc on the computer before giving it out.

Last night I was so tired I went to bed early and slept for around 4 hours, and felt much better in myself, which was good. My wife had suggested I took the medication so that I could get a better nights sleep but I refused, because I was nervous, of what could happen during the night.

However we decided that I will go back on it tonight, and see what happens, its worth a try to see if I can get my life back on track again

I was also given a strong talking to today, and was told that I had to get back to writing my blog, so this is my first attempt although its taken me a long time to find the words.

I still feel as if my memory has been wiped, but things were slightly clearer today, so I am hopeful that a few good nights sleep will do me some good. I know that we all need sleep, but that's easier said than done when you have an illness like this


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