London Underground and dementia

Yes I have Lewy Body dementia and I have struggled for some time with London Underground, but now this new section of tunnel from Kings Cross station to the underground is something that I cannot cope with at all.

Its certainly not dementia friendly and I doubt if anyone with any neurological illness can cope with it.

It may seem space age, but that's about it

Its not straight and the walls are curved, so its difficult if not possible to stay upright, as you cannot touch the wall without reaching out and losing your balance.

To add to this it is full of idiots who don't know their left from their right, so while trying to walk along the wall, you are pushed out of the way, by these clowns going in the wrong direction, or those who left too late and are in a hurry.

Why do these engineers build monstrosities like this without consulting those who have to use it on a daily basis, or those with terminal illness.  Is this the work of the Mayor Boris or Network rail engineers who just do what they think is best without consulting the public.

Before this section was built I could cope without too much trouble, but now you seem to walk miles out of your way in atrocious conditions without support of handrails or guards rails to keep you upright.

This really s a nightmare for people with any form of spacial problems, and possibly a waste of public money, and while I know that things must improve, we can do without this,

Please consult others before building places like this in the future.


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