Flooding in Britain

As someone who has been flooded at home in the last few years, I am staggered by the lack of response from the British Government, who seem hell bent on passing the blame onto the Environment Agency.

This is a very distressing time for all who are effected by these floods, and to be honest these elected politicians are helping no one, and neither are the press, who seem to be having a wonderful time getting in everyone's way.

Whether we like it or not the government has drastically cut the budgets of all government departments over the years, including the environment agency, who according to treasury guidelines can only spend so much money per house hold?, something they are trying now to say is wrong, yet listening to the media these days the money is endless

This is politics at its worst, and lies at best because no one seems to want to  be responsible in Parliament, and the minister responsible is now on sick leave, and the country is left with MP Mr Pickles who seems hell bent on slagging off anyone outside the Government.

The odd thing is that these politicians all know that the budgets have been badly cut to suite the Chancellor, yet they are still trying the blame game. What happened to honest politicians, do they no longer exist.

As a person who knows what it is like to struggle during and after a flood I find these politician's remarks to be totally unacceptable, wrong and unhelpful.

These people should hang their heads in shame, because they have lost control of the situation, now and Mr Cameron has been panicked into doing something 6-8 weeks too late

We are also seeing these flooded areas being flooded by the media showing pictures of empty houses and people in distress, I suppose cheap news all round at the expense of those in distress.

Some of these properties are now at risk of burglaries simply because of media stupidity, so why does the government not step in and clear these idiots away from these floods.

I guess the answer to that yet again is the dear Mr Cameron is dead against media control, so these people can get away with anything they wish, whether we like it or not.

This country is heading into building a new high speed railway line to Birmingham and Manchester, a line which will save at most 20 mins per journey? so is that worth it when the rest of the county is in a total mess. This money should be used to improve the country as a whole, especially when we consider it could be built by outsiders.

Lets us stop blaming everyone else, and get control over this situation, before too many people get hurt by this blame culture.

This could all be to do with global warming, it certainly seems like it, but its time the government got to grips with this.



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