Looking at the news these days I feel very upset for those who are under threat of flooding in the South West of England.

Having suffered from flooding two years ago, we suffered a lot of upset and distress, and we had to move out of our home for 6 months while it was rebuilt. A lot of this has disappeared from memory now, which is one of the positive things, if I can say that for memory problems.

We had around 30 inches of water in the house for around 6 hours, after which we were left with a sea of mud and sludge.

When I look at television and see the homes in the South West, I do wonder how they cope with this as its gone on since Christmas, and there seems to be no end in sight.

How many people in this are have problems like dementia, and are struggling to cope. It must be bad enough when you are fit and active, but if you have an illness it will be devastating.

I really do wonder what is going on. I do understand that a lot of this could be to do with global warming, and some of these areas are places reclaimed from the sea over the centuries, so is the sea claiming it all back again, if so lots of places around the UK will soon be starting to disappear.

Its a little bit frightening to me, but I suppose I am well away from the sea.

I gather some of this could be stopped by having large holding areas in the hills, but will the government do this, or will they simply sit back and ignore this problem.

They seem hell bent on spending billions of pounds on a train line From London to Birmingham and Manchester, something which makes little or no sense when its going to save around 20 minuets on a train journey to London.

They already have a brand new track linking these areas, so surely putting faster trains on this track would be more economical, that would leave more money for projects which were needed like flood defences, around the UK in general

I know that the country is in a mess, but wasting money on this HS2 is unneeded and wrong when other things are needed, and are yet ignored by a bunch of politicians who don't live in the real world.
I do think we need a government run by normal people and not a bunch of millionaire's many of whom went to Eton, and think they know everything.

Its fairly obvious that these people have no idea what its like to struggle, even though they claim otherwise.


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