Grounding in Life

I have just bought a copy of a book today, a book which I read quite a lot in my early youth, and looking at it again, I am sure that it played a Major part in shaping and making me who I am today,

The book is Scouting for Boys, by Robert Baden Powell, and I often wonder how many boys grew up with it at their sides as a boy, and then used it in one way or another in life without giving it a second thought.

It’s amazing looking back over the years to when this meant so much, to a time when we were forming a new way of life.

This period of my life was very difficult to come to terms with, but the consultant thinks that this book and its ties to the Scouting movement saved me, and got me going, into a nicer world.

Although that period of stress and torment, will probably stay with me for as long as I am alive

We all shared a common bond, and that was to become better people, sharing everything we had in life, and sharing the experience of growing up with many others, from all walks of life no matter what, school they attended, whether from rich or poor backgrounds, nothing made any difference to us at the time.

At the time I suppose I never really thought much about it, as it was learning new skills, intended to get you through life as a teenager, but when I think about it, it has formed my into the person I am today. It made me a better person, and helped me through many situations in life, because every time you got stuck your brain would go back automatically, and allow you to think of ways to do certain things

It also gave us the grounding in the true meaning of being loyal to everyone from God to the Queen, our leaders, friends and families. It was here that I learnt to cook properly, to map read and follow instructions, and also lead people from the front.

It also made us better citizens, and many of the old friends I have met since those days have not changed very much, yes we are a lot older, but those basic principles still remain with us after all of those years, and that is amazing.

I wonder just how many people around the world were brought up the same way amd still have the same principals today, and even tough I have dementia, its still a major part of my life. 


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