Holidays and all of its baggage

Its time for our holiday in Turkey and its now getting a bit stressful, which is sad.

This is because although I like  holidays, I know that I am not in control of what I do and when I do it.

It is supposed to be a happy time yet, like many who have this illness, I am a bit uncertain of what is to come, especially when you are in a foreign country, where I have never been before.

So I guess its a case of wait and see what happens.

I am no longer a fan of flying, and as the flight is around 4 hours, so I assume that by the end I will be like a caged tiger, wanting to be out and free.

I don't like sitting still these days, and when I get bored or in need of something to do, I go to my computer, but that will be out of the question.

Still it may well turn out for the best, as I know that my poor wife is very tired and in need of a rest

I look forward to getting back on line when I return.


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