Don't understand all the changes

Since I was diagnosed, I have noticed that I have changed in many ways and I confess that I just don't understand what is going on in the brain.

My tastes in music have gone a different way to what I was used to, something which was some pop music and a lot of classical to things like Freddy Mercury and Queen along with one or two others. These were things I never liked before and it was hard to work out. I also like Eric Clapton, something which was odd years ago.

Then I noticed that my tastes in Food had changed completely, from being slightly conservative as my wife said, never eating any foreign curries or other food. To the present stage where I can eat anything, no matter who spicy or that it is, and what is more I would if left to my own devises eat things like this every day,

The other day it was noticed that my political views have radically changed, something which came as a complete shock to me.

I used to be conservative in my views but I think that came from the time that the conservatives were middle of the road unlike now where they are to the right. My mother was always conservative and my father being a miner was always labour, and as I was closer to my mother when I was younger I took her side of the argument and it stuck with me all of my working life.

However now my views seem to have gone completely to the left and I simply don't understand it at all, because I was never like this.

I know that I cannot always think logically any at times, and that really stresses me out after years of being an engineer, and there are times that I think people are doing things that I don't like, but I am sure that is all down to changes in the brain, and this always happens when I am tired or not well.
So what on earth is going on in the brain to make all of these changes in a few short years.
I have come across other people with the same diagnosis "Lewy Body Dementia" and they have the same problems, so is it just this variation of dementia or all dementia's which cause this issue. It would be every interesting to learn about this from those who understand this illness better than me.


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