DenDRoN and the need to be involved in Research

There is a need for everyone who has any form of dementia, and who can so,  to get involved in research. I say this because without research we will never find the answers to all of the problems we see in Dementia today.

I have been a member of DeNDRoNs, Patient Public Involvement panel for a few years and can honestly say that I have enjoyed it. As well as being involved in research we also spend time looking at future research projects.

I myself got involved in a research program recently, and was amazed and pleased at the results, because in the past, when I had my eyes tested I was simply fobbed off, by being told that there was nothing obvious so it had to be the brain,

This project was about eyesight problems in people with dementia, and this is now something which is nearing completion as far as I am concerned.

A problem was found and I am hopefully going to benefit from the results very soon.

This scheme was run by DeNDRoN, The Dementias and Neurodegenerative Diseases Research Network, which is UK based although my own research was done by the North East Regional network.

DeNDRoN have regional newsletter which can be read at the following address.

Please consider the fact that this research is very important to all,  as you are helping others who follow us in the future.

Have a look at what we are doing and if you are interested, and live near one of our centres, then why not register with us.

Its not all work its very interesting and you meet new friends

If you are thinking about it, THEN GO FOR IT



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