Are Dementia figures dropping?

I have seen reports saying that the numbers of people being diagnosed with dementia are dropping and I am starting to wonder whether the figures are accurate, or if this is to take the pressure off the dementia charities etc.

I simply don't understand these figures and wondered if it was just government spin doctors at work again.

However one thing that does alarm me is the fact the National Health Service is in a total mess and running out of money due to overuse.

Is this due to things like the rise in teenage drinking, where many need hospital treatment.

There has always been a problem with teenage drinking but now its getting out of hand, and this alone can bring the health service down if we are not careful.

Years ago if you got drunk, you were put in a police cell overnight, and either given a warning  or were charged with being a public nuisance, now they send them to hospital in an ambulance, which must cost the state quite a lot of money each weekend.

Not only that but I do wonder whether this will increase the number with drink related dementia problems later on in life.

Years ago you would have been embarrassed if you were drunk, but now its a badge of merit especially among the young and students, and many think it is funny when it happens.

But if the government got hard on them and made them pay for the ambulance and the treatment, wouldn't it help, both now and in the future.

Some years ago my dear wife was involved in a serious road accident through no fault of her own, and I remember opening the post two days later to find a bill for £25 for the ambulance for taking her to hospital. That to me was quite a shock know full well that she could die before the bill was paid.
Luckily for the family she survived and keeps me going now.

While that accident was serious and I later understood that it cost quite a lot of money to use an ambulance, I now read the papers feeling very angry that people can get drunk and get first class treatment etc, when it is all self inflicted.

Dementia patients on the other hand are not always treated with care and respect in hospitals, so just what is going on. Dementia as we know is not self inflicted, although I understand that one type is alcohol related

Its not too long ago that the press were saying that the numbers of people being diagnosed were going to double, now they are implying that the illness is fading when many of us know full well that it is totally wrong.


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