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I have received hundreds of e-mails over the last two months from people wanting to ask questions  about the Lewy Body Dementia, the blog and many other things.

 As you can imagine this illness makes life hard at times, especially when trying to work things out on the blogs itself, as I don't always see the obvious

But to try to help, tonight I have installed a contact section on the bottom of the page where "hopefully" friends, can send their details and questions and I will try to get an answer back to them.

It may take time to get it all sorted, but I will do my best to answer any questions that come up.

Like many others I try to use this blog from my mobile phone, but sadly not all of the blog settings are visible, so its hit and miss.

I suppose being a free blog, you only get the basics to work with, but on the whole I am not too bothered, as it does the job and too much information to someone with this illness spells disaster.

So I will carry on and try to make the best I can.

In the mean time, if anyone really wants to answers through faster they should just sign up to Google, which is free and that allows them to gain access straight on to the blog where they can comment as and when they wish.

Many of the comments are fed to an external e-mail address, where they are read and then reposted, so this will hopefully speed things up

I hope this helps


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