Changes in health

I found out on Monday that it is quite possible that I have Meniere's Disease, as well as Lewy Body Dementia after a battery of tests at our Doctors Surgery by an ENT Specialist and his team.

This was quite a shock, but it explains some of the problems that we had put down to the Lewy Body dementia.

I had been seen by three different doctors who all had different ideas as to the cause of my problems and then eventually another doctor who was on duty, said that I needed to see the specialist as there was something wrong.

My wife had asked him if the problems were linked to the Dementia and he said definitely not.

I had been struggling with falls, and the feeling of walking on an enormous mattress, when I was walking down the street, along with hearing difficulties and tinnitus, and everything was starting to get me down as I could not sleep properly due to the noise in my ears.

After spending last week end in bed so that I did not fall over, I was a little unsure as to what the specialist would say, but after tests with three different people including another hearing test, it was amazing just how delicately it was done with care and respect.

After this I now have to slow down a little and take things easy, until the medication starts to work properly. 


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