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When I do these blogs I often wonder if the people reading them have dementia or if its people like researchers or carers who are looking.
Its truly amazing how many people in vastly different countries read this, and I often think it would be nice to hear from those reading it to see why they are here and whether they find it interesting and helpful.                                                                                                                                                                                 If anyone has anything they would like to contribute to this blog they are more than welcome and it would be good to hear what happens in many other countries, or in deed mention any problems which other people with dementia have.                                                                                                         Please feel free to contact me.


  1. Hi Ken! I read as many Dementia related blogs as I can, and always appreciate that it takes time to send posts out there and wonder if anyone is finding them useful. :) You are welcome to write a guest post for our blog anytime on as I like to share different perspectives.

  2. Hei Ken
    I read your blog. I am the professional carer and I am a daughter to the parent who has AD. I am interested in art therapy for persons with dementia. Do you have any links to such therapeutic approach in your country? With most kind regards from me.

  3. Hi Ken. Like yourself I am from County Durham (Consett). I am a postgraduate student at Newcastle University. Currently I am carrying out research for my disertation "How can social history museums and their collections be used to enrich the lives of people with dementia?". I came across your research through a blog post you wrote about Beamish. At the moment I am in Norway for my university placement, and on my days off I will hopefully be meeting some museum professionals who have worked or are working on museum programmes for people with dementia.


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I always say that we may have this illness, but we are all so different.

This is my own daily problems, but I would gladly share anyone elses, if they send them in,

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