A day to remember

I was on the footplate of this magnificent A4 Mallard locomotive this morning and it was like a childhood dream come true. I can remember as a young boy watching this train go past our home thinking I would love to be on board the cab. Yes it was in the museum and did not move, but it was lovely and I felt as if I had achieved something great today.
As a person with early onset dementia it was truly a dream come true, even though it was in a museum and not working. It would be lovely to see it running again, but I would never be allowed on the footplate of this wonderful train while its running. 

Below we have trains which used to haul iron ore from Tyne Dock up to Consett Iron works, and we used to watch these steel monsters pulling their loads up the very steep gradient each day when we were not at school
This track crossed the LNER main line where the Mallard was running so we had a choice of different trains to watch, and marvel at them wondering if any of us would ever get on the footplates in our lives

York was wonderful, a dream in many ways but a dream come true. Yes it would be nice  to see them running on main lines again, but its only when you get this illness that dreams actually mean anything at all. No one can imagine what its like to live with dementia, and I guess no one really wants to.


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