Signage and hotel fittings

Like many people I struggle with signs, whether at the roadside or in buildings.

One of my main concerns is reading a toilet sign when I am on my own and this can be distressing on the days when I am not feeling very good.

The only way I can get my head round this is to tell myself that a man has two legs, where the ladies toilet sign has  a person with what looks like one leg and a skirt. Saying that I would be in serous trouble if I was Scottish, as the men wear Kilts.
But it causes no end of trouble.

As well as that many hotel call there rooms by different names, so you have to start trying to understand what the name means there before going any further.

I often think that hotels could be more dementia friendly if each floor was a different colour so even if you forgot the number, you could find the right floor by looking at the colour, but perhaps that will never happen.

When I was working as an engineer I understood that all signs were to be standardised, but this did not happen, and its seems that many modern hotels do there own thing, and I have been in some, which have two toilet signs on each door which is even more confusing.

As far as road signs are concerned my problem is that each time I look at a sign I read something totally different, but I think that's the illness playing its usual tricks. But it can cause confusion when my wife is driving and I try to read a sign.

One thing I really hate is going into a hotel and finding it has a full length mirror on the wall, especially if the room stays fairly light at night, as you sometimes get up and see the reflexion of a door in the mirror and sometimes make the mistake of trying to walk into it.

Others have very large mirrors in the bathroom so you see two of everything, and in one particular hotel it had a large vanity mirror on the wall behind the taps, and it was the following morning that I realised that I could see myself sat on the toilet which gave me quite a stir as I had not realised that it was there till I was sat minding my own business. It was quite off putting.

Marble floors also cause upset as like many people I can sometimes see things which are not there. Its all due to the design, but some people think that we have a form of 3d vision, which allows the brain to think items are lurking in the design such as large worms, snakes or that we think there is a crevass in the floor when there is a different streak running across it.


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