Bad week

Its been a very bad week in more than one way, but I hope we are going to see things change.

I think I did too much last week end and when things started to go wrong I shopuld have realised that it was time to sit back and do nothing.

But I tried to sort out my google account and lost everything including my old blog which meant so much to me especially after our bad flood in June.

Then the builders started to play up on Friday and that really hurt me and I hit the bottom feeling very depressed at the way the house way being done and the total lack of supervision. To see our home being rebuilt by someone I would second or third grade builder, was distressing, and I had problems for the next few days. The problem being is  that the insurance company picked these builders and not us, as we did not want them in the house.

Today was supposed to be a happy day as its our Ruby Anniversary, but it started out wrong.

However we are back on track and hoping that things will pick up during the week

Tomorrow we are back in London as we are at the House of Lords in the Afternoon, so I could end up being very tired on Tuesday, but I do not intend doing very much until possibly Thursday.

Here's hoping for a wonderful day with our son, sadly our daughter and family are too far away but we did see them early in the week


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