Dementia and Photography

I have two hobbies that I really enjoy, one is looking after my tropical fish aquarium something which has given me so much satisfaction, on good and bad days as it is so relaxing, to look at without doing much.

The second is photography, a hobby that I always enjoyed, even before the diagnosis, but now there are problems remembering the settings etc.

I have tried a few things to try to remember the settings, but I always get somewhere and either can not remember them, or can not find the paper with them on. This gets distressing, but I have to fight this as I get so much out of the hobby that I can not give up,

I have a few friends who also have dementia, who are very keen photographers and they seem to have similar problems, so I am not alone.

One of these people once said that the pictures get interesting when the wrong settings are used, but at least with modern camera's we can delete all the duff pictures and keep the best.

 I love taking pictures of wildlife, but as will all small things whether it is wildlife or children they never stay in the same place for very long, so patience has to be used, or you need somewhere comfortable to sit.

These days with the help of assistive technology things are slightly easier, because once I have got myself set up with the camera tripod and my remote camera switch, I can sit back and wait.

However as we all know this does not work with children, but as I only photograph my Grandchildren I get help from the family.
I would never think of taking pictures of anyone else's children these days as its classed as unethical.

But children can give you a picture which is set as they want it, rather than someone else.

Wildlife photography is very relaxing because it means that you have to sit still and be patient, and it can very thrilling when the shot comes out right.

I could not get very close with the shots above so I had to use a zoom lens, but I did enjoy the pictures when I loaded them onto my computer.

There are many photography books, but none for those with this illness, so its a case of trial and error.

Of cause we must always remember, that any pictures of people taken can never be shown of the Internet without permission, otherwise we can risk prosecution, whether we have this illness or not.


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