NHS and medications

With this Brexit thing rumbling along at an ever slower pace, and the fact that this new Prime Minister is determined to take us out of Europe at any cost, I do worry about things like the NHS. 

As a lot of medical research is done between the UK and Europe, I always thought it was best to stay in the European Community, but perhaps I am wrong.  

However many Members of Parliament lied about the true reasons for leaving Europe, and very few stood up to tell the truth, leaving the general public to pick up the pieces 

This has lead many to believe that this is the  worst parliament for quite a long time, as we have no viable government and no opposition party Willing,  to stand up and be counted, because that is needed  for the less well off etc.

But if this all goes ahead, what will happen to our medications, as many if not all come from abroad. 

I have heard of Doctors trying to restrict medications, or change them for cheaper less efficient types, and this is just the start. 

The NHS like many parts of our services are in a dire state through all of the savage cuts, brought in by this government, and it can only get much worse, before the next election, and that is frightening to many people 

I think that its time that services like the armed forces, education and health should be dealt with by cross party committees, and not one individual political party, because over the last ten years all of our services have been savagely butchered.

Let us hope that something gets sorted out soon with Brexit,  and possibly a change of government so we can get the country back on a stable footing again. 


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