Trying to bumble my way through

Last  week was hard, even harder than last week, trying to bumble my way through life without constant reminders.

This in turn shows, that the constant reminders in memory tests are a waste of time, because in normal life, we don’t have the benefit of constant reminders to get us through the day.

We either get it right or fail completely

However the last set of memory tests did so much damage as far as stress was concerned, I confess that I dread the next ones coming.

I admit that the normal tests are not as long, and are less stressful, so it’s not as bad, but the last ones for the research group left me feeling stressed and very tired for days after.

Your life changes because, if you don’t understand words, you break them down in the hope of being able to say them properly. You  may not have a clue about what the word means, but like reading a book, you have to attempt to break the word up into sections in the hope of trying to say it.

However trying to muddle your way through a normal day can be stressful enough, while trying to make sure that we don’t do, or say the wrong thing, and I don’t think people consider this when discussing this illness. 

People these days are not so forgiving if you say the wrong thing by mistake, or do the wrong thing. It’s only later, or when told that you understand what you have done. 


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