Sign of the Times

Recently I took the decision to step back, and retire from doing presentations and talks, because of ongoing medical  problems.

This was not taken lightly, because as well as talking about Lewy Body Dementia etc, I got quite a lot out of it, and met many new friends on the way. 

But over the last few months, I knew that things were changing and that included my health, so after  talking to my wife, it was decided that I should retire, and try to take things easy, while I try to get my back, hip and gait sorted out.

The Orthopedic consultant said that I was walking with a very odd gait, and wanted to work out what is causing it, as it could be related to either my brain or spine.

My walking has got a lot worse, and find it difficult to sit properly, or stand upright  for any length of time, so I guess I realised it was time to change things, before I caused an accident

My daughter is a biologist, so she is often involved in any decisions we make like this, because she understands things better than I do.

I am blessed to have such a lovely wife "Janice",  and Daughter "Claire", along with our son "Mark", who helps us out, as and when needed.

I am so very proud of my family and Grandchildren, and would be lost without them all

Mark is also  training to do the Great North Run, and if successful the London Marathon, something I knew nothing about until recently, when I understood a post on face book

I say this because these days, I read something and don't always understand it, or get the true meaning, but that's all down to my brain 

It feels odd that I am struggling to walk far, yet Mark is running in marathons?

However I am very proud to have such a wonderful family, including 5 wonderful Grandchildren, who could ask for more.

During this time I have been honoured to be an Ambassador with the Lewy Body Society, who are doing a wonderful job raising awareness, and the profile of this illness within the UK, while also helping those living with this illness and their carers. 

This is a small charity, which does not have the vast resources available to the larger charities, but I do believe that they do a better job, because they focus only on Lewy Body Dementia, and are backed up by high profile people within the medical profession. 

While I am cutting back, I will still do what I can to promote the Lewy Body Society, because it feels like a big part of my family.

I am not sure whether I will carry on with this blog, because it's taken nearly three weeks to write this blog post.

Over the years this blog has been read by over 267-000 people, something I am very proud of, even though it all started as a complete mistake, but it helped to keep my brain active, so that must prove something 




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