Raby Castle

Recently my wife Daughter and I went for a walk round Raby Castle in County Durham, a favorite place for may in this area, as its a stunning castle, with vast grounds gardens, Deer Herds and Long Horned Cattle roaming around the meadows.

The castle is set within 200 acres of parkland in the heart of the beautiful Durham Dales

We always pass this castle on our way to our static caravan, and in some ways it always feels like home, because back in the 1960s I was there with the Scouts, and on one occasion we stayed somewhere within the castle during one winter, but to be honest I really don't remember where we were no, as so much time has passed

Raby was built by the mighty Nevills in the 14th century and is one of the finest preserved medieval castles

Since 1626 it been home to the current owner, Lord Barnard. The family are proud of their heritage and are passionate about sharing the families, history and collections with visitors

                                  A bedroom believed to be one used by senior staff such as a Butler

There are two different types of deer within the Park, Red Deer and fallow Deer, both herds include descendants of Deer preserved from Norman times

                                    The main gatehouse as seen from the main gardens

The walled garden, which was probably set up to provide herbs and plants needed for medicines, however it was until the mid 18th century that the formal garden was established by Thomas Wright


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