Problems with word press blog

The other day I was notified the my Word press blog would not be allowed any further access to Facebook.

I can only assume that Facebook has done this in its crackdown on fake news etc.

But I am not going to take this any further, as I simply don't understand what is going on, and to be honest about this sort of thing, if you try to contact people to complain they never take any notice

I found this out years ago when I had a bad day and managed to delete my Blog on Google.

I tried to explain to Google what had happened, and explained my circumstances, about memory and dementia, but they refused to take any notice. They simply asked for a credit card number, even though I did not like them or use them

Luckily for me most of the blog pages had been created and saved on Word, so I could start again

I have had to go back to my google blog, and hope that this does not get blocked

I simply don't understand why Facebook has done this while Twitter has no objections. 


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